Coordination - Our goal is that all students gain body coordination. This includes improved balance as well as large motor skills.

Body Awareness - Students learn to respect their own and others personal space. Also, Tiger Packers learn left and right and how to move spatially. 

Stranger Danger & Bully Prevention - Students are instructed on how to deal with both verbal and physical bullying and when it is okay to use their martial arts. Children are educated on the dangers of adult predators, how to react to them, and the most effective skills in preventing abduction or abuse. 

Fitness - Students participle in classes that help them expend all that energy in a positive way. Tiger Pack is a total body workout for children that builds strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Our programs also help  children in attaining a healthy weight and a postive body image. 

Technique - Tiger Pack is grounded in traditional martial arts study. Students learn age appropriate martial arts skills that translate to more advanced study later. Our classes are fun but serious instruction... not play time. 

Discipline & Respect - Our students are taught to respect their parents and other authority figures. Tiger Pack students learn the importance of working together and being part of a structured class. 

Big Kid Opportunities - The White Tiger holds a series of tournaments that allow Tiger Pack students to "compete" in highly protective equipment and lean about martial arts competition. Everyone goes home a winner with lots of pride. 

Peace of Mind - Tiger Pack students are taught to relax and be confident in a variety of life situations. Tiger Pack builds self-esteem and confidence!


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