Tiger Pack (Preschool & Kindergarten)

Our Tiger Pack program has been developed for preschool, kindergarten and first grade children ages 4 to 6. This program offers essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. In addition, to improving children's motor skills and enhancing their ability to pay attention and follow directions. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group.

Youth TaeKwonDo

Children ages 6- 13  learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, & self-esteem.  TaeKwonDo helps develop concentration so students can stay on task longer. Children learn self-defense for protection against abduction and bullying of other children.  Many activities such as camps, sleep overs, tournaments, picnics, and movie nights give kids a healthy safe social outlet. Physical benefits include balance, coordination, and endurance.  Our philosophy is that when your child leaves the White Tiger they should not just know TaeKwonDo; they should have become a better person. Program allows full Black Belt certification (if all requirements are met) through the World TaeKwonDo Union.

Adult TaeKwonDo

Adult TaeKwonDo - A complete TaeKwonDo program for adults offering a total Martial Arts education in a traditional setting. The White Tiger program emphasizes self defense, history, philosophy, and an understanding of the sport. Physical benefits include; more endurance, improved strength, balance, improved cardiovascular health, loss of weight and relief of stress. Program allows full Black Belt certification (if all requirements are met) through the World TaeKwonDo Union.

Sport Karate

Japanese Shotokan Karate is a strong program geared toward self-defense and practical applications. A very physical course, emphasizing tradition and technique. The class is for adults only or those with prior martial arts experience. 


Kenjutsu teaches mastery of the samurai sword for combat and including techniques and strategies for different combat situations. The White Tiger Kenjutsu program uses both nylon and safety weapons to teach technique and full contact combat. Kenjutsu students strive to make the sword an extension of the body with great power. The philosophy: "Being better in what we do physically, mentally and spiritually", is implied.


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