Transported After School

White Tiger after school students get picked from school by our staff and transported to the academy each day. They enjoy snack time, martial arts class, homework time, structured activities, and free play time. Our programs exceed all the requirements of the state and are fully licensed. Stacie White, the program director, has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development. Master Mike White has a Master's Degree in Education and is pursuing his doctorate. The pair takes pride in individualizing with the students to meet both their social and emotional needs. The staff participates in professional development training and we take pride in providing meaningful experiences while the children are in our care. We role model and teach children to problem solve and address their social, emotional, and physical needs. 

The White Tiger After School Program stimulates your child to stay active. We build stamina through small and large group games. We focus on endurance, balance, and strength during daily fitness activities. We also foster the link between physical activity and proper nutrition in creating a healthy lifestyle. 

White Tiger helps your child develop effective communication skills. We provide opportunities to practice active listening, negotiation, compromise, and leadership. Life skills such as teamwork encourage language and communication skills through literacy, drama, music, and hands on activities. We support your child in developing healthy peer relationships. We use group games, and events to develop leadership, planning, organizing, and team-building skills.

Our program motivates your child to express creativity. We encourage experimentation with art, science, and music. We provide opportunities to build abstract concepts and problem-solving skills while stimulate creativity and expression through stories, performance, and word games.

Our program is a complete care solution that accounts for early dismissals, weather related cancellations, teacher work days, and holidays. The White Tiger After School Program is a place that kids love to go to and often do not want to leave. Our age appropriate activities and instruction is terrific for age 5 to 12.

Summer Camp

Students can attend the White Tiger all day or half the day at our summer camp. Students arrive at the Academy as early as 7:30am and may be picked up at late at 5:30pm. Summer Camp Students participate in Korean TaeKwonDo, Japanese Karate, Asian (padded) Weaponry, & Sport Martial Arts Training. After lunch time there will be lots of games, structured activities, and Field Trips. Children enjoy field trips such as the Arcade, going out for Pizza, Museums, Parks, Swimming, and Movies! We offer half day & full day sessions, stedents may attend for as little as one week or as long as the entire summer break. 
Our program is full licensed and exceeds all the state child safety standards. First come first serve only, sign up now to get on a waiting list.


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